As an alternative to using the API to store results, you can create URLs that will pre-fill the result entry form with values.

To do that, just add a &values parameter to the URL with a JSON-encoded (partial) result.

This uses the exact same format as the storeResults API endpoint.


To pre-fill the a form with a status and batch number field with status = "In production" and batch = 1337, you can provide a values parameter in the URL.

Base URL:

With the values parameter you can inject form field values that will be pre-filled in the form.

&values={"status": "In production", "batch": 1337}

Don't forget to URL-encode this, like so:

This will pre-fill the data entry form in the browser, as shown in this screenshot below.

Consult the in-app integration hub cheat sheet to learn more about the form fields and their names.

QR code

We see users deploy QR codes with urls containing the pre-fill values, to create implicit system integrations.
The Chrome browser lets you quickly create QR codes for any url.

Feel free to consult AlisQI support if you'd like to brainstorm about these capabilities.