Raw data entry is only the start of your digital quality management. Based on this data, you want to make decisions and steer your operation. These decisions rely on predefined business rules and logic. Imagine how effective and powerful your quality system would be if it could apply these rules and logic automatically. Well, that is exactly what AlisQI is capable of doing with the expression engine.

This versatile expression engine enables you to implement rich logic in your analysis sets and selection lists.


The expression engine is based on Twig, an open-source templating engine.

The expression engine supports a rich syntax with many features, including functions, filters, tests, and operators.


Since the expressions run in a sandboxed environment there is no security risk. Users can never get to the core application code by means of the expressions engine.

Expression editor

For every calculated field key users can write the expressions. This expression editor provides a rich experience with features like syntax highlighting, syntax validation, autocomplete for variables and functions, and bracket matching.

Read all about the AlisQI expression engine in the user documentation.